Get special real-world offers with TRACOU HUNTER! TRACOU HUNTER unites trading cards and coupons!Play this treasure-hunting game to collect TRACOU (NFT)!

* NFTs are unique tamper-proof data that run on a blockchain, the so-called Web3.

Let's use Tracou! Use them as coupons! Your cards can be exchanged for special deals at actual stores! Make real exchanges! You can also exchange your cards for actual products. Exchange for real whisky!? Get a super-rare bottle of whisky!
Enjoy Tracou!! The real world is the stage.Get trading cards in the city! Exclusive Tracou! Get exclusive Tracou at event venues! Play against your friends!Build a deck and have a card battle!
How to start the game
Download the dedicated app.Go to places where you can collect trading cards!Tap the pin and get a trading card!